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Cardiovascular Medicine

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1    Pleural Fluid 2              Cough 3   Heart Murmur 4           Syncope 5       Tachypnea 6           Cyanosis 7   Heart Murmur 8   Heart Murmur 9              Cough 10    Heart Failure 11              Ascites 12    Pleural Fluid 13           Syncope 14     Bradycardia 15     Tachycardia 16                Blind 17   Heart Murmur 18   Resp. Distress 19        Collapsing 20    Heart Failure 21          Paralysis 22    New Murmur 23              Cough 24          Vomiting 25       Tachypnea 26   Heart Murmur 27      Hemoptysis 28  Limb Swelling 29  Heart Murmur 30 Acute Collapse 31 Enlarged Heart 32               Blind 33             Cough 34         Collapse 35         Collapse 36 Thromboembolus 37  Heart Murmur 38  Heart Murmur 39 Ascites 40 Ascites


This site is designed to present small animal patients with cardiovascular disease examined by the author (Dr. Mark Kittleson) and his residents working in the Cardiology Service at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) at UC-Davis. The format is that of a rounds session in which the signalment, history, and physical examination findings are presented on the first page followed by diagnostic studies. All cases are real as evidenced by the case numbers and names on each diagnostic procedure. However, some cases do include videos from other patients with the same disease to illustrate the abnormalities in real time. All of the written case material is transcribed directly from the computerized case records of the patient. Senior students at the UCD VMTH are primarily responsible for this content although this section has been edited by the author.

Please select a case by clicking on a button above. First read the signalment, history, and physical examination findings. Formulate a problem list and see if it agrees with the one provided. Formulate your own diagnostic plan. Following this, examine the diagnostic studies in detail. Most of the diagnostic pages and all of the "Diagnosis" pages contain quizzes. Answer the questions and click on "Correct Quiz" to receive immediate feedback on your diagnostic abilities. On subsequent pages, a case discussion, the results of further diagnostic studies, the results of therapy, and follow-up information will be provided. On the last page, text from the appropriate section in "Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine" by Kittleson and Kienle may be provided for you to read about the example of the cardiovascular disease that was just presented. This last page of each case also has a link at the top that will take you to the appropriate chapter of "Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine) on-line (on the Veterinary Information Network). You will need to be a registered user of VIN to access the on-line version of the book.

When viewing the video clips in Windows Media Player 10, click on "Play" and then on "Repeat" to make the heart look like it is beating continuously.

"Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine" is a complete text of cardiovascular medicine of dogs and cats and is on-line on the Veterinary Information Network ( at:

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